Daily SG: 18 May 2011

Singapore 2011 General Elections
A vote for change
– motochan: A Redefined Meritocracy as the New Social Compact for Singapore?
– New Asia Republic: Scrutinising Tan Jee Say’s economic plan
– Sgpolitics.net: Electoral politics alone may not solve all of society’s woes
– Sgpolitics.net: GE2011 — Looking Back and Peeking Ahead
– Singapore Alternatives: PAP lost their BIGGEST GAMBLE
– TOC: Little things, not money or upgrading, matter
– TOC: What exactly is the change in PAP’s promise?
– Senang Diri: After the battle: PAPies conduct media relations after-action review
– Senang Diri: After the battle: Public relations and sentiment management hits and misses in the General Election 2011 campaign
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Talk at the Post Museum: election perspectives
– The Thinking Fish Tank: The Worrying Calmness Of Stability
– Support Site for The Unemployed: Insider thoughts of a election candidate
– Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician: Pre GE Expectations and Post GE Frustrations
– Singapore Notes: This Will Not Wash
– The Gigamole Diaries: Population issues..
– Live. Life: Unsettled but unmoved
– Donald Low FB: What went wrong? [Thanks FO]

Other post GE stuff
– blankanvas: lessons from the “Social Media Election”
– Ahmad in Taiwan: Chen Show Mao on cover of Asia Weekly
– New Asia Republic: Political compass map of Singapore
– Youtube: BBC – Singapore’s election analyst: Southeast Asian Expert, Michael Montesano (09 May 2011)
– Youtube: SDP thank-you dinner: Dr. Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 (14 May 2011, 8.23pm)
– Youtube: Pritam Singh Club Mix

Kate Spade Tin Pei Ling
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Why people should not hate Tin Pei Ling..
– My Singapore News: A measure of fairplay and decency
– Anonymous_X: Who – and where – is Denise He? [Thanks wacky_artz]
– Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media: Tin Pei Ling: National Youth Forum 2008 Publicity Video
– Yahoo: Buzz over new Tin Pei Ling video
– Youtube: Tin Pei Ling: National Youth Forum 2008 陈佩玲 (06 Sep 2008)

Strangers in a Strange land
– Scrutinizing the Singapore government: Xenophobia?: It is a reaction to the distortion of social fabric

We are against capital punishment
– The Enquirer: Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys?
– TOC: Given enough rope

Daily Discourse
– guanyinmiao’s musings: The Public Service: Evaluating Concrete Plans For Public Engagement, Feedback
– The Rot Within: Talent Identification
– TOC: Lured by false promises
– TOC: One year after assault, investigations still ongoing?
– The Temasek Review: GM of Jurong TC is the MD of its contractor for managing township services
– Desparatebeep: Bring Back Common Sense!
– The Dim-Post: Like Singapore

Life, the universe and everything
– Alvinology: Singapore’s Newest Tourist Spot – The “Welcome to Potong Pasir” Billboard featuring Chiam See Tong
– SGEntrepreneurs: [Video] The Entrepreneurial Spirit

– Seelan Palay: Invitation to my next art exhibition, CAPITAL

Selected News Stories
– Frontline: Singapore’s long-governing People’s Action Party triumphs again but slides down in popularity in several pockets.
– Bernama: Singapore Election: A Lesson We Learned Earlier?
– The Economist: The biggest losers
– WSJ: Singapore Private Home Sales Keep Rising
– FutureGov: Government Efficiency Rankings: Hong Kong tops chart

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