Daily SG: 19 May 2011

New Cabinet
– TOC: Bold Cabinet line-up, now for the follow through
– Sgpolitics: New cabinet lineup: Cynicism and doubts remain
– Politics in Singapore: Surprises in new Cabinet
– Singapore Dino: New Cabinet a start, but public must continue scrutiny
– Singapore Notes: Night Of The Long Knives
– Singapore Sojourn: Something Old, Something New
– Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician: PM Lee reminds everyone Goh Chok Tong is RETIRED
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: My views on the new cabinet lineup
– Prata Politics:So Long Farewell Auf Weidersehen
– Where Bears Roam Free: Schoolboy Chan Chun Sing gets schoolboy portfolio
– My Singapore News: The GE aftermath – Cabinet shake out
– Life of a simple boy: New cabinet lineup!
– Jacob 69er: Change policies, not just ministers: SDP’s statement on cabinet appointments
– pressrun.net: PM Lee announces epochal cabinet changes
– Ahmad in Taiwan: I hereby present to you – The New Cabinet!
– mrbrown: PM’s new Cabinet Hellos
– Yahoo: PM Lee means business: analysts
– The Jakarta Globe: New Singapore Cabinet Exposes Lack of Talent: Opposition Leader

Singapore 2011 General Elections
A vote for change
– Article 14: Change from within?
– life one degree north, one-o-three degrees east: From 2001: A commentary by the Roundtable on the 2001 GE
– Singapore Kopi Tok: PAP’s GE2011 Post-mortem
– A Reporter’s Memoir: NO HARD FEELINGS: Open letter to PM
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Teo Soh Lung : The Demise of Fear..
– Ravi Philemon: Political parties should engage on all platforms
– Too Much Energy: GE2011 – through the lens of a marketeer [Thanks Winnie]
– ex Chersonesus Aurea: Demographic advantage of 4.8% vote swing to Opposition in 2016 Elections
– The Temasek Review: Checks and balances in politics and the tragedy of GRC
– Yee Jenn Jong: The real work starts
– Zakaria Zainal: 24: 2011 Singapore General Elections
– New Asia Republic: PAP’s Aljunied GRC gambit for 2016

Other post GE stuff
– TOC: MK resident files complaint against alleged Cooling-off Day violation
– The Temasek Review: SPP to host ‘Thank You’ party for supporters this Saturday at Potong Pasir
– ST Forum: Emulate Chiam’s unwavering spirit

Kate Spade Tin Pei Ling
– Rants of a Weird Little Bird: Cooling-Off Day – How to Deal With Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling’s Violations
– IZ Reloaded: Tin Pei Ling He Loves Me Not Club Mix [Thanks IZ]

Harry and Peanut Goh – down but not out
– Desparatebeep: The People That You Mentor?
– My Singapore News: Are they still in politics or out of politics?

We are against capital punishment
– We Believe In Second Chances: Letters from Vui Kong – The Fifth Letter : The Honest Law

Daily Discourse
– New Asia Republic: Traffic Routes, Financial Routes
– Thetwophilo’s Blog: Lifting the Party Whip-comments on an article in TODAY [Thanks yl]
– Teo Soh Lung FB: Civil disobedience and the SDP
– Arra’s World: No, The Maid Did Not Ask For It
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Brazil legalises same-sex civil unions

Life, the universe and everything
– The Long and Winding Road: Don’t miss the last train!

– pinkdot.dg: COUNTDOWN TO PINK DOT 2011: 1 MONTH TO GO! [Thanks Prashant]

– FT.com: Après Strauss-Kahn [Updated]… [Thanks mackinder]
– AP: AP sources: Raiders knew mission a one-shot deal
– Daily Tech: Facebook Busted Paying for Dirty Media Attack on Google
– Ars Technica: Why we’ve reached the end of the camera megapixel race
– Web Strategy: Diagram: How the Air Force Response to Blogs [Thanks A]

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