Daily SG: 15 Jul 2011

2011: Transport Operators’ Vitamin M deficiency?
– Anonymous_X: Manpower cost is one of the reasons for fare hike?! Relook at the Remuneration of Directors!!
– Musings, meanders & mantras on issues of the day: Public Transport System Structurally Flawed
– Javert’s World: Lui Tuck Yew talk for the sake of talking
– Feed Me To The Fish: “Tuck You” Logic
– Singapore Election Watch: SMRT used massive taxpayers money to build its infrastructure
– Singapore Election Watch: Transportation systems a profit driven duopoly
– unbiasedelectorate: The Public transport
– Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician: Tan Kin Lian supports WP’s National Transport Corporation
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Odd the timing of fare rise request
– Gerald Giam: Public transport fare increases
– Tan Kin Lian: Public transport fares
– TOC: Nationalising Public Transportation – Is it feasible?

Have you ever wonder! Why must we s…werveeee? Because it’s OUR land, and…
– Musings From the Lion City: What An Idiot!
– Molitics: Irresistible Defense: Out of Tekong into the tragicomedy of Singapore
– TRE: BMT recruit tried to AWOL from Tekong by swimming to Singapore

Presidential Election
– TOC: Tan Jee Say : Why I want to be President

The Voices of Youth?
– TOC: For exams or knowledge?

Singapore’s modern slave trade low skilled foreign labour
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Neither law nor morality at Manpower ministry
– my singapura (singapore): Response to Ms. Sheila Shanmugam

Not at my doorstep please!
– Yahoo: Condo residents unhappy as work on MRT line resumes

– Singapore Notes: $137K For 3-room Flat

Daily Disclosure
– Pipala Tree: 1965
– TOC: An unhealthy preoccupation with race
– KOH’S SPACE: Belief, Sacrifice And Independence.
– New Asia Republic: BERSIH 2.0: Politicians are Hijackers

A Vote For Change
– unbiasedelectorate: Sound familiar?
– Piji Tailaii: Don’t judge a person by his language ability
– Singapore Election Watch: Any average Joe can run a MONOPOLY
– Singapore 2025: 9 Jul 2011: The New Social Compact in Singapore
– New Asia Republic: A mathematical quirk of our electoral system

– just rambling: Where are Singapore’s Old Playgrounds today?
– The Long and Winding Road: A walk around the yard

Lee-ders in pictures
– Wing Lee Cheong: Cartoons

– Bloomberg: Singapore’s Economy Shrank 7.8% in Second Quarter as Manufacturing Slumped
– AFP: Graft may blight Malaysia-Singapore rivalry
– McClatchy-Tribune Infomation Services: Property agents in Singapore woo cash-rich in China


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