Daily SG: 27 Jul 2011

Presidential Election
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: TKL’s election manifesto in action
– Andrew Loh: The presidency is not a feedback channel
– flâneurose: What a Non-PAP elected President Means
– Feed Me To The Fish: Why this, MOF?
– Maverick’s Slice of Life: Maverick’s Slice of Life
– Tan Cheng Bock: President is not so helpless!
– Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician: Double Standards of the PAP on the role of the Elected President

Strangers in a Strange Land
– SpeakSpokeWriteWrote: This is MY country, this is MY flag
– My Singapore News: Notable quotes by LKY
– Support Site for The Unempoyed & Underemployed: Jobless PMET with master degree: “E2i is a useless organisation!”
– This is home: Foreign Talent pokes fun at Singapore’s culture and its citizens.

2011: The Oslo Attacks
– The Thinking Fish Tank: What The Oslo Attacks Tell Us

A Vote For Change
– Singapore Notes: Signs Of A Weak, Ineffectual Government
– my singapura (singapore): Punching above one’s own weight
– New Asia Republic: The only thing constant in politics is change
– New Asia Republic: How much patience does our electorate have?
– Chee Soon Juan: Singapore is not so clean, Mr Murdoch
– TOC: Statements like these do not help

Daily Disclosure
– Think Happiness: Question University Priorities
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Religion In Singapore: Promoting Secular Humanism, Not “Hateism”
– Cooler Insights: Can Religions be Branded?
– TOC: An open letter to the Education Minister from a group of project work teachers

Singapore’s modern slave trade low skilled foreign labour
– Tan Chuan-Jin: Protecting Workers
– TOC: TWC2 responds to BG (NS) Tan Chuan Jin

Gender equality inequality
– New Asia Republic: What is really holding women back?

We are against capital punishment
– funny little world: An open letter to Major General (NS) Chan Chun Sing

Our (imported) Sporting Talents
– Everything Also Complain: Singapore is nothing without naturalised players
– Musings From the Lion City: The Reasoning

Blueprint for a Sin City
– Yahoo: More seeking help for gambling problems: SOS

Singapore’sGIC, Temasek State Funds Investments
– Yahoo: Ministry website provides information on reserves

– The Star: Singapore sour over assam laksa

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