Daily SG: 31 Oct 2011

A Vote for Change
– Words Of the Cze: Regular
– Kaffein-Nated: Totally disconnect
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Bad Analogy Chen Show Mao
– self-contained: in defence of Chen Show Mao’s speech
– Think Happiness: Make Parliament More Accessible
– Blogging for Myself: Government volte face on social mobility?
– Singapore 2025: Interview (Malay) with Radio Warna 94.2 FM
– Singapore Alternatives: Reply from ICA
– New Asia Republic: East Coast GRC, another Aljunied déjà vu?
– TOC: David Mason’s letter: A most dangerous idea
– Senang Diri: Sing Govt’s pledge for more openness requires rewiring the system’s sensitivity to feedback, removal of vindictive mindset for views it dislikes

Daily Disclosure
– Everything Also Complain: SLA director cheating the Authority of $11.8 m
– Loh and Behold: Daily Ritual
– Alvinology: BBC News: Every Hour, There are 5 Births, 2 Deaths and 16 New Immigrants in Singapore
– sgentrepreneurs: Progress made, but Singapore government still micromanaging [Thanks Bernard!]
– [ insights, interests, intelligence ]: Our new norm
– Tan Kin Lian: Security at the airport
– Robin Ann Rheaume’s FB: Let’s stop selling animals in Singapore

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…
– Washing Chopsticks: Taxi Driver Tales: We are not poor, but we are always in debt
– New Nation: Middle class: Realm of the living dead?
– Support site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Career Transition from Navy Regular to Media Industry

The Suicide Club
– mrbrown.com: So who’s going as Bedok Reservoir this Halloween?

– Alex Lew Yan Liang 刘彦良: Question on CPF loan for Housing

We are against capital punishment
– yawningbread at wordpress: But how many on death row?

– TOC: HDB gives woman in distress no good options

GIC, Temasek State Funds Investments
– Bloomberg: GIC Disclosed More Information in Reports Over 4 Years, Ng Says

“People can board the train, it is whether they choose to” — A particular CEO
– Reuters: SMRT posts 26 pct fall in Q2 net profit, outlook bleak

– ieatishootipost: Top Ten Things to Eat in Singapore: The Hawker Edition
– lesterchan.net: SingTel iPhone 4S Price Plans
– Publichouse: Lee Hoon Leong – grandfather of Lee Kuan Yew

– funny little world: What sort of solution is the Malaysian Solution?
– The Atlantic: Why Is Yale Outsourcing a Campus to Singapore?

– Spore Says Political Cartoon: Economy stalled

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