Daily SG: 1 Nov 2011

Strangers in a Strange Land
– flâneurose: Observations on the Foreigner Dominated Office at Work

A Vote for Change
– Scrutinizing the Singapore Government: PM Lee needs to be less narrow minded and look further into the future (as what he always claim)
– Alps Tan’s FB: Chen Show Mao, International Man of Mystery [Thanks Wayne]
– Cheow Yong Jian’s FB: I note with concern…
– Goh Meng Seng: Software of Open Society – Learning from HK
– Singapore Notes: Selecting Good People
– Sgpolitics.net: Japan versus Singapore: Why our economic direction is unsustainable
– TOC: The SEP 2011 IPS Population Report in the Larger Context

Daily Disclosure
– guanyinmiao’s musing: The Poor And The Elderly In Singapore: Roving Task-Force A Viable Band-Aid?
– Ms Demeanour Singapore: Hey you – speak good Singlish! [Thanks Li Sui!]
– New Asia Republic: Managing oneself: the key to success in a knowledge-driven economy
– sgentrepreneurs: LobangClub asked by authorities to remove cigarette postings
– Alvinology: Blood Donation Appeal for Ex-Actor Chen Wencong (陈文聪): Doing the Right Thing vs Doing the Right Thing AND Doing It Right
– funny little world: Domestic helpers are people, not robots.

– Mr Wang Says So: Why Facebook Killed The Blogger
– Inquirer: Refreshing spontaneity marks Singapore Writers Festival [Thanks George!]

Blueprint for a Sin City?
– 泽阳的想法 ZEYANG’S THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS: Economic problems caused by the Singapore casino industry

– My Singapore News : The truth and lies of home ownership
– New Nation: Limited Resale Flat Supply speaks up

– Ah Girl Plus Size: Bedok Bus Interchange

– New York Times: A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

This is Singapore. There is no free Press
– TOC: CNA’s Talking Point: Policing the internet

(Cartoon Credit: economist.com) Thanks Adrian

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