Daily SG: 04 Jan 2012

Daily Disclosure
– The Craftsman’s Forge: Great Start to the New Year!
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Three Cheers for VivianB, Pls Go Yaacob
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Why Regulation, Not Nationalisation, Should Be The Way Forward For Singapore’s Public Transportation System
– Everything Also Complain: $2000 reward for smuggling Chinese national
– Den Gogh’s FB: “Sorry, your child is not bright enough” ~ Today
– pressrun.net: Singapore’s economic growth and population increase: Part II
– New Nation: 2011 in retrospect
– Today: Singapore’s counter-terror success
– Yahoo: ‘All hands on deck for S’pore to weather storm’

Singapore ‘ponded’
– Thetwophilo’s Blog: Dear Dr Bala, What about the Barrage?

A Vote for Change
– Pritam Singh’s FB: That Zaobao Interview
– Davian Lee’s FB: Pritam’s Disillusioned View on Being an MP [Thanks Willy]
– The Blue Sweater: A Hot Potato
– New Nation: Updated: Did Pritam Singh really say that?
– SG Hard Truths: how much is your demand vs your contribution ? – by writer from the net [Thanks Willy]

Whoops. Establishment mis-haps
– Yahoo: DNA samples from criminal cases to be re-tested after HSA mistake

– Today: Shouldn’t subsidy be 100 per cent?

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way
– TOC: Why was Dahlberg’s passport not impounded?

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: So called “Foreign Talent” arriving into Singapore
– Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Local PMET Unhappy With Errant Foreign Employer

We are against capital punishment
– Balderdash: On M Ravi’s challenging of the Constitutionality of the Death Penalty

– The Star: Singapore stamp duty a blessing?

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