Daily SG: 3 Feb 2012

R.I.P Dr Toh Chin Chye

(Photo: Channel NewsAsia)

– CNA: PAP founding member Toh Chin Chye dies

Singapore ‘ponded’
– TOC: Urbanisation contributes the most to worsening flood conditions

Educate Our Youth
– Where Bears Roam Free: S’poreans less hungry and have less drive? But what is hunger and drive?
– Sgpolitics: Time for Singapore to start supporting local talent
– Singapore Notes: Drivers For Motivation
– Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Seven reasons why Singaporeans are not entrepreneurial enough

PAP Ministars Highest Paid Politicians in the World
– thenumerologyofour.blogspot.com: Malaysia’s Top Politicians’ Monthly Salaries [Thanks Willy]

Privacy of our Politicians?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Does the WP sincerely want a First-World Parly and Media?

Daily Disclosure
– Limpeh is Foreign Talent: Q&A: Ah Beng vs Atas? Kenapa awak tiada class lah? [Thanks Alex]
– Expat Bostonians: Wheels
– SEA Youth Say So: The Language Woes of a Young Singaporean

A Vote for Change
– New Nation: Why there will never be opposition unity
– Chemical Generation Singapore: The New Mock Parliamentarians

Blueprint for a Sin City
– Wall Street Journal: Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Sees More Foreign Gamblers

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