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Daily SG: 20 Feb 2012

(Cartoon Credit: SG-Quitters)

This is Singapore. There is no free Press
- Hard landing: TREmeritus welcomed into the open with defamation threat
- New Asia Republic: Social media not immune to legal development, says Lawyer
- The Temasek Times: PM Lee sends lawyer’s letter to Richard Wan, editor of Temasek Review Emeritus
- Under The Willow Tree: K Shanmugam should “Come clean with the people”
- Unbranded Bread n Butter FB: The curious case of Alex Tan

Budget 2012
[Read the background story here]

- Yahoo: Budget 2012 round-up: Singapore to reduce foreign worker inflow
- TOC: Budget 2012: An Analysis (Part 1)
- My Little Corner: Direct Benefit for Households in Budget 2012
- sgentrepreneurs: What entrepreneurs should know about Singapore Budget 2012
- Prata Politics: The Facepalm of Increasing CPF Contribution Rates for Old Folks
- guanyinmiao’s musings: The Budget: Helping Singaporeans With Disabilities, And Assisting Children From Low-Income Households
- Feed Me To The Fish: No Hair but Got Heart?
- Ravi Philemon: Income growth in some sectors cannot be tied to productivity growth
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Budget Tweaks : Small fixes for big problems….
- The Temasek Times: Budget 2012 affirms government’s commitment to build an inclusive society
- Singapore Notes: A Trojan Horse Of Sorts
- Tan Kin Lian: Let all purchases be GST-deductible to help smaller companies
- National Solidarity Party: Response to Budget 2012
- Singapore Democrats: GST exemption – you’ve got to be joking!

Yaw-Gate — Hougang MP expelled from Party
[Read the background story here]

- Article 14: Bye Yaw, and now for the By-Election
- New Asia Republic: Legitimacy of a Good Hougang Wife who can cook
- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: YawGate: Only Lau Wang Lin comes out with credit
- Loh and Behold: Mr Yaw, Be a Man!
- Yawningbread: Good faith calls for early by-election
- Today: The value of a by-election
- InSing: ‘Lookouts’ loiter outside Yaw’s home

Educate Our Youth
- Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Q&A: IQ vs EQ in SG Limpeh?
- The Kent Ridge Common: Of the Same Cloth: On the Review of NUS Law’s Admission Procedures

Strangers in a Strange Land
- flâneurose: The remarkable Singaporean work ethic
- The Temasek Times: “More dogs than humans in Singapore” – NUS PRC student’s comments spark outcry
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Oh, Sim Ann, what are you trying to say?
- TRE: Two thousand scholarships worth $36 million are awarded to foreign students each year

Defending OUR Lion City
- guanyinmiao’s musings: Contemplating The Length Of Service (National Service Survey)

- Singapore Sojourn: Stringing Along
- Today: What retirement living should be [Thanks Adrian]

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