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Daily SG: 21 Mar 2012

(Cartoon Credit: The Cartoon Press )

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way
- Andrew Loh: Capital offence. 26 charges. All dropped. Why?
- funny little world: Singapore’s Drug Policy: I don’t think it does what you think it does.
- Publichouse: Why was Chia Choon Leng not prosecuted?

We are against capital punishment
- Kickstarter Project: “A Better Place Than This” – A Short Film project in Los Angeles, CA by Daniel Grove [Thanks FO]

- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: A “populist” measure, can be a sound measure: ex-IMF Chief Economist
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: SDP’s Healthcare Proposal….
- Yahoo: Unemployed should not get free healthcare: Yahoo! readers

Defending OUR Lion City
- guanyinmiao’s musings: Poor Management Of NSFs (National Service Survey)

Daily Disclosure
- A Yummy Slice of Life: Ehhh…. Singaporean culture.
- Unbranded Bread n Butter: An Ode to March: Laurence Lien, James Wilson and Tao Jie
- Article 14: A picture speaks a thousand ironies
- Gintai: Singapore must achieve more with less – By NGIAM TONG DOW
- Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Rosanna Chen: “Gen Y is like strawberry cake – appreciate life!”
- Wall Street Journal: Singapore Considering Giving Community Farm the Boot
- Z’ming Cik FB Note : Never Mind the Scholars, Where’s Our Character Education and Our Competitiveness?

This is Singapore. There is no free Press
- Chemical Generation Singapore: New Media Regulation, Moderation or Free for All
- A voluntary code of ethics for blogs: possible but…

Peasant’s way or Government’s highway
- Singapore Notes: The Dead Don’t Stand A Chance
- TOC: Bukit Brown – what we’ve really lost

Uniquely Singapore
- Travelfish on Singapore: The stranger side of Singapore: Tan Moh Hong Crocodile Farm

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