Daily SG: 11 Apr 2012

(Cartoon Credit: The Sketch Times )

Shock Therapy for Wages
– Where Bears Roam Free: Prof Lim Chong Yah from PAP camp, thinks like PAP
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Lim Chong Yah : Singapore’s Inequality approaching dangerous levels.

Educate Our Youth
– The Blue Sweater: More Than Bricks and Mortar
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: What the Yale-NUS fiasco reveals
– The Kent Ridge Common: Show Singaporeans some respect
– TRE: Elitist shadow play: NUS-Yale

A Vote for Change
– seksi matashutyrmouf: The opposition in Singapore
– TOC: Disassembling GRC system benefits PAP (Part 2 of 3)

Hougang By-Election
– Yahoo: Hougang by-election case meets threshold to be heard: Judge

– Singapore Notes: Don’t Get Sick
– The Gigamole Diaries: Regulation of medical devices? What shocking news?

Daily Disclosure
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Rising electricity prices: Tell us the truth
– isaw-isphy: Philanthropy and Succession
– Furry Brown Dog: Tharman’s remarks in the context of the evolving foreign talent policy
– My Little Corner: Why local talents are better
– New Asia Republic: Why copyright laws should be abolished Pt.2

Uniquely Singapore
– Poskod.sg: FOTO-FOTO: Capitol Theatre

– Temasek Hedge: BT: Beware “Gold Buy Back” companies
– Singapore Sojourn: The Singapore National Collections Online

– Wall Street Journal: Malaysian Activists Still Worry Over Country’s Security Laws

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