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Daily SG: 23 Apr 2012

(Cartoon Credit: The Sketch Times )

Pinky PM Lee on Facebook!
- Singapore Life & Times: Face it, PM
- Publichouse: Live in my 3-room flat: Martyn See to PM Lee

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport
- ALVINOLOGY: Transports Woes in Singapore
- Yours Toothfully by Dr Chan Joon Yee: Beyond The Yellow Line
- Andrew Loh: Pity Mr Lui but he deserves some credit

Defending OUR Lion City
- Yongcong Choy’s FB: In Polite and Vehement Objection to ‘Singaporeans Too Weak? LOL’ – For all our NSFs/NSmen past, present, future.
- BlinkyMummy: NS for Female Singaporeans (Fiction la! Fiction! Dun Panic!)
- The Blue Sweater: Two Years of Our Time (and More): Pain and Passion
- New Asia Republic: The death of Pte Lee Rui Feng in perspective

Underaged Services
- Holly Jean: The Teenage Prostitute Hoohah
- Loh and Behold: Shame that Slut!
- Everything Also Complain: Miss XXX who is under 18 years of age
- Where Bears Roam Free: Underage prostitution scandal – offenders should admit guilt, plead leniency
- Vicky’s Writings: How to talk to your kids abour sex

Strangers in a Strange Land
- Gintai: Is this my Singapore? My home and my country?

Educate Our Youth
- Metacog: The Curious Case of Alvin Wang’s NUS Appeal [Thanks Alex]
- guanyinmiao’s musings: School-Based Community Service In Singapore: The Community Involvement Programme (Part Two)
- Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Alvin Wang: why do you want a degree?

Daily Disclosure
- Article 14: That US 4 billion to the IMF: Is it unconstitutional?
- Kidon’s Den: The Minimum Wage is a Terrible Idea
- Publichouse: Ambassador’s smug take on illiberal democracy

- TOC: Chiam See Tong: Government treats CPF as a business

Uniquely Singapore
- Remember Singapore: A Walk Through The Old Neighbourhood – Serangoon Gardens

- Wall Street Journal: Singapore Start-Up Cashes In on Saving Emails [Thanks Adrian]

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