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Daily SG: 25 Apr 2012

(Cartoon Credit: The Cartoon Press )

Strangers in a Strange Land
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: The ugly truth about TFR and foreign influx….
- Reflections on Change: What Total Fertility Rate Means [Thanks James]
- Scrutinizing the Singapore government: The issue of Population, and gazing into a crystal ball
- SG Entrepreneurs: Wild Honey restaurant slammed for favoring foreigners, and what we can learn from it
- A Singaporean In Australia: Wei Siang’s Letter

Underaged Services
- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Sex & the State
- The Lycan Times 狼人時報: Random Discourse – Underage Prostitution

Defending OUR Lion City
- The Lycan Times 狼人時報: : Random Discourse – NSF Deaths and Online Comments
- Aussie Pete: Australia – Singapore Remembers and Thanks You… Lest We Forget!
- TOC: Stop killing our Singapore sons

“It is heavily subsidised, making it very affordable for citizens.” — Housing and Development Board
- Publichouse: ST article on LUP “misleading”, says Chiam

This is Singapore. There is no free Press
- New Asia Republic: Don’t compromise academic freedom in cyberspace

- PinkDot: PinkDot FAQ for Our Foreign Friends!
- Publichouse: Transgender pageant hopes to stamp out discrimination

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport
- The Gigamole Diaries: The bathtub effect? A Singapore problem.

Uniquely Singapore
- Second Shot: A Short History of Pasir Panjang Park
- Joy Loh: Fort Canning Park – Forbidden Hill
- OMY: A Peek into Rediffusion (丽的呼声)’s Studios @ Harper Road

- Today: To thrive, euro nations must cut welfare state

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