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Daily SG: 10 May 2012

(Cartoon Credit: The Cartoon Press)

Hougang By-Elections
(View Elections Department Press Release)

- Article 14: Hougang by-election: 26 May 2012
- Where Bears Roam Free: Hougang by Election – WP should win comfortably
- Yours Toothfully by Dr Chan Joon Yee: Let The Aunties Decide
- Singapore Public Law: Low Thia Khiang as a Candidate for By-election in Hougang?
- Food Fuels Me To Talk: Hougang: bye-bye WP or bye-bye again PAP?
- Publichouse: WP’s integrity vs PAP’s policies
- Ti amo: Politics Matters
- Singapore Notes: Haste Makes Waste
- Prata Politics: The Boring By-Election is (Finally) Here
- Hougang by-election called
- Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir: Nicole Seah Vs PAP (2-corner fight) at Hougang SMC By-Election
- Yahoo: PAP chooses Desmond Choo as Hougang by-election candidate
- Today: SDP, NSP not contesting in by-election
- Possible Interpretations of Approved Election Symbols for Hougang By-Election
- Lee Hsien Loong: Statement by PM Lee on By-Election for Hougang Constituency

Educate Our Youth
- BlinkyMummy: Unrealistic Standards? Who’s being unrealistic?

Internet Code of Conduct – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Write No Evil
- Andrew Loh: Don’t let your blood boil over when reading Internet postings, ok?

Daily Disclosure
- TOC: Redundancy Share for PMETs at a 13year high
- Today: How rising COE prices can cause more breakdowns [Thanks Adrian]

Singapore Sports Scene
- Today: A sporting pioneer

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