Daily SG: 11 May 2012

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Defending OUR Lion City
– Senang Diri: Singapore Armed Forces versus cynics and critics in the halcyon days of peace

Internet Code of Conduct – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Write No Evil

Mother’s Day!
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Celebrating Mother’s Day: Blotch Studios’ 吗 “Mother”

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport
– Unbranded Bread n Butter: The SMRT debacle continues…
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: SMRT mgt failures: What does it say abt SAF?

Hougang By-Elections
– Simply Gab: THOR – The HOugang Rematch
– Where Bears Roam Free: Hougang by Election – it’s the economy, dummy!
– Publichouse: WP press conference – a background look
– Sgpolitics.net: Hougang BE: On the drumbeat to the hustings
– TOC: Hougang by-election: An occasion for opposition unity
– Singapore Notes: Weighing In For The Big Fight
– Musings From the Lion City: Not A Sure Thing
– Ministry of Love and Justice: Hougang By-Election 2012.
– Jentrified Citizen: All Eyes on Hougang By-election
– Wall Street Journal: Singapore’s Ruling Party Braces for By-Election Test
– MrBrown.com: PAP is Always Here for You
– Thetwophilo’s Blog: Look, who is throwing stones…
– Five Stars and a moon: Who is Desmond Choo and why vote for him?

– Ravi Philemon: A Kind Act
– Yahoo: Are we Singa-poor’?

Daily Disclosure
– visakan veerasamy.: Refining my political stance: Why I no longer identify as Anti-PAP
– Ray of Light: Helping the lonely and depressed seniors to lead more meaningful lives.
– Furry Brown Dog: What explains Singapore’s persistently low crime rate?

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…
– Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Whistle blower: “Only one out of twenty who completed WDA-funded logistics course managed to get an internship attachment!”

– Gintai: 80 year old barber at Kelantan Lane
– (Final Year Project by NTU students): The Malay Underclass

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