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Daily SG: 18 May 2012

Photo Credit: Eugene Soh

Internet Code of Conduct – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Write No Evil
- Every Day Party: Help Terence Quit!
- five stars and a moon: Problems with the PAP
- Andrew Loh: Sari, we made a mistake?

Hougang By-Elections
- A photo doesn’t always tell the whole story…
- IPA: Is there Truth in a Photograph?
- TOC: TOC Statement on Photo Misuse
- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Hougang: Why PAP’s sliming will widen its losing margin

Need for Speed
- Unbranded Bread n Butter: Shocking: Most taxis is boh airbag one
- Hawk Cut Weis: Of Ferraris, PRCs and Social Integration – Putting Things Into Perspective [Thanks Vincent]
- Joe Augustin: Will a Ferrari destroy Singapore?
- The Gigamole Diaries: Get tough on speeding? Why the kid gloves in the first place?

Educate Our Youth
- guanyinmiao’s musings: Education In Singapore: Why Parents Should Work With – Not Against – Teachers
- Blogging for Myself: Ngiam Tong Dow: wealth creation or management

Daily Disclosure
- 23:明天的記憶: You know why I like reading Limpeh’s Blog?
- Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Silver in Singapore: financing your retirement
- Goh Meng Seng: Health Care Cost: $86 for a Common Flu?
- Singapore Notes: Welcome To Hotel Singapore

- Loh and Behold: A Grateful Heart is the Beginning of Greatness
- Yahoo: Should Singapore repeal Section 377A?

- SG Entrepreneurs: First-ever Walkabout Singapore draws young, diverse crowd
- Geeks Just Wanna Have Fun

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