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Daily SG: 22 May 2012

Defending OUR Lion City
- Senang Diri: Who will stand up for Singapore? SCDF fire fighters douse flames in real world; syndicate of discontent fans flames in cyber world
- Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Singaporeans & the Assimilation Question
- Where Bears Roam Free: More fear mongering to justify mad, mad defence over-expenditure
- Yahoo: NS key in foreign integration: study

Hougang By-Elections
- Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir: Open Letter to Hougang Residents: People Power. Vote For Yourself, Your Family and the Future. [Thanks George]
- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Hougang: ST photo coverage
- DKSG: A part of Singapore history we should never forget
- Musings From the Lion City: Best Laid Plans
- Void Deck: WP Fires First!
- Hougang By-election: PAP Denise Phua at PAP Rally
- Yahoo: PAP: Is Png Eng Huat the best man?
- New Asia Republic: 如果没有后港这面照妖镜,行动党不就可以为所欲为了吗?
- Zaobao: 宣称是自己不考虑当非选区议员 匿名信指方荣发所言不实
- Today: Png clarifies comment after source reveals he was considered for NCMP post

This is Singapore. There is no free Press
- Si Anak Watan Kota Singa: Journalists and politics
- Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: Let’s end Xenophobia today. Boycott all Temasek Reviews!

Educate Our Youth
- guanyinmiao’s musings: Why The Primary School Leaving Examination Remains Integral In Singapore
- The Kent Ridge Common: SUTD and the Exclusive Education

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport
- TOC: SMRT Bus Service Drivers Blow the Whistle
- Today: Pay rise for SMRT drivers … and a 6-day week

- PropertyGuru: The Fine line between Executive Condominiums (ECs) and Private Condos

A Vote for Change
- Opposition can be the brakes to stop the PAP Ferrari from mowing down Singaporeans
- TOC: Hougang by-election rallies – putting statistics to the rhetoric

Internet Security Act
- Covered in His Blood: Anger is moment, favour is for life
- TOC: ISA’s scar on Singaporean society
- Ravi Philemon: ‘Marxist Conspiracy’ and the Hougang by-election
- Publichouse: “I have always loved the Catholic Church”

Uniquely Singapore
- Remember Singapore: A Walk Through The Old Neighbourhood – Old Woodlands Town Centre
- JoyLoh: Kallang – Airport, Aerodrome, RAF

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