Event – Bukit Brown: Spaces for the Living.

Sample of the works on Display

Date & Time:
1 Oct – 7 Oct 2012

The Arts House at The Old Parliament
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore, Singapore 179429

Bukit Brown: Spaces for the living is a photo exhibit organized by a collective of 7 photographers from diverse backgrounds. This photographic collective has united through their love of an art form, to showcase the splendor of one Singapore’s oldest and historically rich treasures through a photographic tapestry – All to foster a richer appreciation of the legacy of Bukit Brown before its heritage trail is cleared to make way for urban redevelopment.

The photo exhibit will open on Monday October 1st 2012 and will run at The Arts House’s Print gallery until the 7th of October 2012. The upcoming platform will feature works by photographers Shawn Danker, James Wong, Chee Wei Teck, Simin Wang, Wayne Ho, Zann Huang and Siraj Hanifa. The exhibit display aims to highlight the intertwining the three themes of nature, heritage and spiritualism that reside at the core of Bukit Brown through the visual medium of photography.

The visual exhibit will also contain informative captions that weave the experience into a tapestry of knowledge about the hallowed grounds that act as the final resting place of some of Singapore’s greatest pioneers. The show aims to attract and engage the Singaporean people by providing them with an artistic and visual means to reconnect with their sense of nature, history and spirituality through a photographer’s lens.

Speakers Raymond Goh of Asian Paranormal Investigators (API) and Nature Society Singapore (NSS) representative Tan Hang Chong, will be present at the show’s opening night reception on Monday, October 1st 2012 at 7p.m. Both speakers will be on hand to regale guests on the stories behind the exhibit’s contents.

“This exhibit is meant to be a work of love and a community effort to present our people (Singaporeans) with a unique perspective on a place that many of us have taken for granted. I am always struck by the raw beauty and history of Bukit Brown whenever I walk its grounds. These photos are a means for me to share with people what my eyes see when I look at the place.” Said Shawn Danker, photographer age 34.

“I think ultimately it is about respecting the elders of our past regardless of their age or when they passed away. In many ways they could be called the true pioneers of Singapore. Now that I have chosen Singapore as my home, I feel strongly about knowing and acknowledging the history of Singapore. Only then will I be able to show my kids the present and future Singapore. The Bukit Brown Cemetery is an ideal place to start that journey of getting to know Singapore.” Sri Lankan born photographer Siraj Hanifa, age 39.

“In this ever-changing cityscape of Singapore, I am very interested in topics that reflect my generation which are event or location based. Photography is my medium to show people the unseen side of Singapore and also to archive current situation we are in, for the future generation to see. When I go to Bukit Brown, I am interested in what the people of now are using this space for – recreational, sport or paying respects to the dead. It amazes me.” Chee Wei Teck, Photographer & Part-Time Art Writer, age 30

“Many who have not step foot in Bukit Brown think of it as merely a cemetery. But beyond this cemetery of tombstones and bones, lies something very much greater than what is seen. What lies beneath, is beyond the description of mere words, for how can mere words ever suffice to capture fully and vividly the kaleidoscope of history, heritage, and culture of a young nation and its collective memories as it went through a dynamic century of constant change and metamorphosis. Set in a natural tranquil forest, punctuated by the sounds and sights of nature, it takes the talented skills of these photographers to capture these precious and insightful images for those who have not been there, to let them be aware that there exists an uniquely Singaporean habitat that is facing an uncertain future, part of which may be irreplaceably gone in the next few months.” Raymond Goh, cofounder of Asian Paranormal Investigators (API), age 48.

“Bukit Brown is unique in that it marries both Singapore’s natural and cultural heritage. More than just a resting place for many of Singapore’s pioneers, Bukit Brown Cemetery provides key ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, flood prevention, natural air-conditioning and a habitat for threatened species. Visitors to Bukit Brown never fail to be touched by the beauty of the place, as if those resting in peace there are gently embraced by the living- the wildlife. Shawn, Siraj, James, Weiteck, Simin, Wayne and Zann have artfully captured the residents of Bukit Brown in this exhibition and we hope it will encourage even more people to appreciate this treasured place.” Agnes Sng, Executive Officer, Nature Society (Singapore).

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