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Daily SG: 20 Nov 2012

“So it’s Singapore’s fault for what Israel did lah?”
Cartoon: White-chans’ Diary 白酱笔记本

Defending Our Lion City?

– Typical, Really: On Sleeper (& Sleeping): The Morning After

National Conversation #oursgconv (PSLE)

– Bertha Harian: Preparing for PSLE results
– MummyMoo: Children: A financial 'retirement plan'?
– A Singaporean Says: Leaving Primary School
– covered in His Blood: Correct them (Our Hope) Now!
– Hri Kumar: Singapore Conversation – The Broken Window

Daily Disclosure

– Oddznns: A Singapore Thanksgiving – The Monday before
– Just a passerby trying to enjoy his journey: Universal Studio Singapore with HIV/AIDs Patients & Family


– Singapore Armchair Critic: Hong Kong vs Singapore: Public Housing
– Housing Matters: Making HDB Towns User Friendly

Uniquely Singapore

– Catch Forty Winks: The Accidental Tourists visit Arab Street
– Michael Spence: President Xi’s Singapore Lessons

A Vote for Change

– Daunkesom: Sowing the Seeds of a Sadistic Nation
– Singapore in 2022: Look at Plums to Quench the Thirst
– TRE: Interview with former NSP sec-general Goh Meng Seng

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