Weekly Round Up: Week 47 (19 Nov – 23 Nov 2012)

19 Nov 2012

Defending Our Lion City?

– typical, really: BREAKING: Singapore is Not Cause of Arab-Israeli Conflict, Also Not Social Experiment
– The Political Tadpole: Jim Sleeper, Trash Yale-NUS College if You Want, but Please Don’t Insult the Palestinians
– Singapore Sojourn: Yale Vitriol and the Middle East Crisis
– The Blue Sweater: An Article Too Far
– [FB Note] Charles Tan: Open Letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister of Singapore
– Senang Diri: PAP Member of Parliament Alex Yam Ziming’s words of wisdom versus Internet noise

National Conversation #oursgconv

– DUM FATA SINUNT, VIVITE LAETI: Choosing a Secondary School in Singapore
– Ryan Goh: Education in Singapore- we need a revolution, not bite-sized modifications
– Of Kids and Education: Going with the flow

Thank You, Matthew Zachary Liu

– Singapolitics: “The heat was so intense we felt we going to burst into flames…”


– Ryan Goh: Mental Models: Rationalisation (people who haven’t really moved on edition)

Blueprint for a Sin City

– The Void Decker: Death penalty for the government then?

Daily Disclosure

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: A plague on both PAPpies & some Facebookers
– Ignorance Is Curable: Why do we stop for red lights?
– View from the Wing: Coming Collision Between Singapore’s Government and My Beloved Hawker Stalls?
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: On Alvivi and Liberalism
– Today: Time for decisive action by Malay groups

A Vote for Change

– Chemical Generation Singapore: Malaysiakini and Comments on Politicising Religion
– My Blog: Sowing the Seeds of a Sadistic Nation

20 Nov 2012

Defending Our Lion City?

– Typical, Really: On Sleeper (& Sleeping): The Morning After

National Conversation #oursgconv (PSLE)

– Bertha Harian: Preparing for PSLE results
– MummyMoo: Children: A financial 'retirement plan'?
– A Singaporean Says: Leaving Primary School
– covered in His Blood: Correct them (Our Hope) Now!
– Hri Kumar: Singapore Conversation – The Broken Window

Daily Disclosure

– Oddznns: A Singapore Thanksgiving – The Monday before
– Just a passerby trying to enjoy his journey: Universal Studio Singapore with HIV/AIDs Patients & Family


– Singapore Armchair Critic: Hong Kong vs Singapore: Public Housing
– Housing Matters: Making HDB Towns User Friendly

Uniquely Singapore

– Catch Forty Winks: The Accidental Tourists visit Arab Street
– Michael Spence: President Xi’s Singapore Lessons

A Vote for Change

– Daunkesom: Sowing the Seeds of a Sadistic Nation
– Sgpolitics.net: Singapore in 2022: Look at Plums to Quench the Thirst
– TRE: Interview with former NSP sec-general Goh Meng Seng

21 Nov 2012

Defending Our Lion City?

– guanyinmiao’s musings: National Service: “Safe, Realistic Training” Is Not A Misnomer”
– Senang Diri: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training deaths: Views from a father of one of the fallen
– The Blue Sweater: An Article Too Far, Part II

National Conversation #oursgconv (PSLE)

– Bertha Harian: Preparing for PSLE results Part 2
– Haus of yuene: A follow-up post on the PSLE

Strangers in a Strange Land

– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Limpeh on Foreign Talents

Daily Disclosure

– Abdillah Zamzuri: Breaking News: Fatwa Issued in 2006 ruling Smoking as Haram
– SpeakSpokeWriteWrote: Appreciating Nurses


– Ignorance Is Curable: When is a housing market not really a market?
– Singapore Notes: What Do You Think Reprised

Uniquely Singapore

– Memories Archipelago: There are wild oysters in Singapore!?
– irememberSG: Vanishing Trades: Painted Typography

22 Nov 2012

National Conversation #oursgconv (PSLE)

– Blogging for Myself: Not naming top pupils, what a gimmick
– REFLECTIONS ON CHANGE: Anonymous Academic Excellence
– Tan Jee Say: Is every school a good school?
– Kembangan Kids: Stakeholders
– The Wacky Duo: No more naming of Top Student in PSLE : A boon or a bane?

This is Singapore. There is no free Press

– Singapore Hall of Shame: The People Behind the PAP IB – Part I

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…

– EVERYTHING ALSO COMPLAIN: We are the most emotionless society in the world
– pressrun.net: Thriving or struggling: Singapore and other countries

Defending Our Lion City?

– Senang Diri: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training deaths: Proactive, preventive action speaks louder than words
– The Blue Sweater: Two Years of Our Time: Deaths, Debates and Decisions

Daily Disclosure

– Dewdrop Notes: Follow Your Heart If You Still Have One
– PikuChoo: Justice is Not Just Blind, it is Also Inconsistent
– Yahoo: Dr Tan Cheng Bock closes clinic after 41 years

Uniquely Singapore

– The Long and Winding Road: A synagogue on Church Street

23 Nov 2012

National Conversation (PSLE, Education) #oursgconv

– PetuniaLee™: Little Boy’s PSLE T-Score
– DUM FATA SINUNT, VIVITE LAETI: Why I disagree with Tan Jee Say
[Old Post] What the fish, man!: Observations on the Singaporean education system
– My Singapore News: Serious, our education is one of the best
– Bertha Harian : Preparing for PSLE results Part 3
– Yee Jenn Jong: What does it take to educate our children?
– Singapolitics: To name or not to name? (That is not the question) [Thanks George]
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: The importance of asking questions.
– LifeMastery: PSLE Not Be-All And End-All
– Wise of the Day: Another reason why PSLE top students not announced
– New Nation: PSLE top scorers feeling depressed, S’poreans hypocritical

Strangers in a Strange Land

– Property Soul: A roof over their heads

Daily Disclosure

– My Little Corner: Stop focusing on business. Focus should be on the employees
– $1Million Personal Financial Diary: How Much Can A Middle Class Family Save?
– Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan: How the actions of an anti-social minority damage our neighbourhood
– The Asian Observer: Fatwas: What they are and the implications they hold

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way

– The Void Decker: Headlines and defamation suits

Not My Baby

– petulantchild: My baby is Not my baby?
– Good Morning Yesterday: It’s not a “one-off case”

Defending Our Lion City

– Zit Seng’s Superwall: SAF is Just Half of Safety

A Vote for Change

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Why WP MPs are not First World parlimentarians

Animal Rights? Save the dolphins?

– TOC: TOC Editorial: Stop Gambling With Blood Dolphins

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