Daily SG: 5 Dec 2012

SMRT Foreign Bus Drivers Strike Protest Reported Sick Refused to work!

– Transitional Eternity: The THICK line between convenience and exploitation
– My Little Corner: Result of over reliance of foreign workers
– Zit Seng’s Superwall: National Culture
– Musings From the Lion City: Deportation Own Goal
– Top of the Word: Why Bus Rides are Jerky in Singapore!
– Leong Sze Hian: A statistical analysis of the SMRT strike? – Balancing Growth, Foreigners & Meritocracy
– New Nation: No more dolphins at RWS starting next year

Daily Disclosure

– TRE: Hawker centre patrons harassed & coerced to return trays
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor : S’pore: A great place to be born in
– Bertha Harian: Facts, views – and names – appreciated
– TOC: On Train announcements and Language Rights
– Today: Singapore can become that Greater Society


– Lester Chan: Buying Mobile Phones/Gadgets/Computers In SingaporeNew Post

A Vote for Change

– Sgpolitics.net: The PAP remains unchanged
– Prata Politics: SDP Chee Soon Juan Purposely Sabo Yale-NUS!
– TRE: SDP: Party officers attend series of international forums
– Singapore Short Stories: Tan Wu Meng and Lim Ke Xin: Singapore’s next MPs?

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