Daily SG: 8 Jan 2013

Cartoon: Evacomics

Daily Disclosure

– ALVINOLOGY: Workers’ Party VS People’s Action Party: 1-0


– Housing Matters: Who gets short-changed?
– nofearSingapore: $2mil EC Penthouse: Does MND or HDB exercise oversight over developers?

A Vote for Change (Punggol East By-Elections, AIMS, Lawsuits)

– life one degree north, one-o-three degrees east: It’s not a contest per se, it’s a Sahana-moment!
– The Void Decker: A different look at this AIMishambles
– Bertha Harian: Town councils as political organisations
– [FB Note] Bryan Ti: “My view”
– [FB Note] Terence Foong: Aiming at Private Interests and Public Responsibilities
– [FB Note] Angela Faye Oon: “Many people speak of “suing” without actually knowing what it entails on a practical level.”
– Prata Politics: WP’s HQ Donation Drive
– Salt*Wet*Fish: The AIM saga that must go on
– Sgpolitics.net: A free contest of ideas to presure opposition parties to improve
– Publichouse: Stop asking the PAP to change
– The Reform Party: Statement on the Sale of AHTC’s Computer Systems to a PAP connected company


– Wild Shores of Singapore: Where does garbage from ships in Singapore go?

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