Daily SG: 16 Jan 2013

Housing (Cooling Measures)

– A Yummy Slice of Life: Whoever is in MND is once again “out of touch”.
– PropertyGuru: Singapore cooling: Your views

Punggol East By-Elections

– Rachel Zeng: Some thoughts to share regarding the By-Election at Punggol East SMC
– Anyhow Hantam: No More ‘Choping’ of House Seats
– Bertha Harian: A possible SDP reply to WP
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Reputations: Be mean & laugh
– Prata Politics: SDP is Kaput as a Political Party!
– Sociological Thoughts: Of Singaporean Heartlanders
– Anonymous Craven: SDP’s masterful pie splitting – I get the pie, you get the crumbs
– Where Bears Roam Free: SDP pulls out from Punggol East
– JayWalk: Dumbasses Of Punggol East
– Article 14: A poll during the blackout period? What was ST thinking?
– Publichouse: Is opposition unity a myth?
– Singapore Matters: Punggol East By-Elections 2013, Part 2: An unusually tough fight for PAP
– Three big cheers for the SDP!
– The Heart Truths: SDP: Well Played, You’ve Gained My Utmost Respect

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