Daily SG: 24 Jan 2013


– FOOD fuels me to talk: Medisave, Medifund & the elderly

Singapore’s World Class Profits-Not-Enough Public Transport

– Lew Yan Liang 刘彦良: Enjoy your MRT ride!

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– deadpris: Church and Homosexuality in Singapore [God loves you even if you hate gays]
– The Kent Ridge Common: On 377A: It’s never moral to use force and coercion

Punggol East By-Elections (Opposition Unity?)

– Singapore Kopi Tok: What is a By-Election?
– Simply Gab: Workers’ Party – Forever the Bridesmaids to a Tyrant
– Singapore Alternatives: We need Guard Dog not Watchdog Politics
– Andrew Loh: Time for co-driver to give driver a kick, instead of a slap
– Feed Me To The Fish: Wind Of Change
– leesjuanpat world: Why Low Thia Khiang bared all and stripped during the Punggol East By-Election rally?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: OMG! Low: a great strategist & sage
– Where Bears Roam Free: Hey, Halimah, shouldn’t you be impartial?
– The Heart Truths: Re-Envisioning the New Singapore in the 21st Century: Part 1
– Yee Jenn Jong: Misleading report of my by-election rally speech
– Article 14: If I were a Punggol East resident…
– Singapore Notes: No Smoke Without Fire
– TR Emeritus: How to get my vote for Punggol East SMC?

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