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Daily SG: 14 Feb 2013

Credit: 9GAG Singapore

The White Paper & the ‘Singaporean Core’

– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: S. Korea’ : Growing the economy through innovation and productivity….
– Signs of Struggle: Solutions for our TFR (Part 2) – 13 policies
– five stars and a moon: Population White Paper – hard limit, or really hard limit?
– Living Healthy, Staying Wealthy: The Magic 6.9 Million
– TRE: ST Managing Editor: Singaporeans must put their trust in Govt [Thanks Adrian]

A Vote for Change

– The Expository: Liberty, Democracy and Singapore

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– Empty Vessel: Think out of the money box
– The Side Parting: Photos and Videos First, Life can Wait …
– Life of a simple boy: Of maintenance and the law of physics
– WonderPeace: MRT on fire
– Zit Seng’s Superwall: Regulating Cyclists
– My Opinions: Another Hiccup at SMRT

Defending Our Lion City

– DKSG: Please do not cheapen National Service by putting a price tag on it
– Senang Diri:Singapore Armed Forces versus cynics and critics in the halcyon days of peace
– Senang Diri: SAF Confessions: Citizen soldiers from the Singapore Armed Forces speak up
– TOC: The hurt of militarized authoritarianism in Singapore, Afghanistan and the world
– My Singapore News: Hri Kumar’s suggestion on defence tax on PRs and foreigners

Daily Disclosure

– My Little Corner: Get back to real live conversation
– Jentrified Citizen : Bring back Tipping to draw Singaporeans to work in F&B sector
– S M Ong: The pope versus King Kong

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