Daily SG: 7 Mar 2013

Credit: The Cartoon Press

Budget 2013

– Breakfast Network: The online chatroom is no place for feedback.
– sgthinker: Leong Sze Hian: Talking cock or intellectually dishonest?
– The Finance: MAS’ Car Loan Rules Complement Housing Loan Rules
– Five Stars and a Moon: Budget 2013: Take a step back and look around
– Reflections on Change: Public Transport Fare Review: Concessions, Concessions, Concessions
– The Void Decker: A one-of-a-kind union that rejects minimum wage
– Singapolitics: Uncomfortable truths and the paradox of trust
– [FB] Hri Kumar: Budget Speech

The White Paper & the ‘Singaporean Core’

– Breakfast Network: Telling it like it is
– IPSCommons: Singaporeans First – Minimally Invasive Labour Market Testing

National Conversation #oursgconv

– mamawearpapashirt: A date with Date with Dad Singapore 2013
– Breakfast Network: A beautiful wakeboarding moment, ruined

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– Covered In His Blood: Whataya want from me?

Defending Our Lion City

– Where Bears Roam Free: Sabah invasion shows SAF has taken wrong direction

A Vote for Change

– Jentrified Citizen: NTUC – Social Enterprise or Profit-driven Business?

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