Daily SG: 11 Mar 2013

Credit: Daily Dilbert

Budget 2013

– The Grand Moofti Speaks: Singapore turns to populist politics?
– Sometimes Words Help: Singapore budget 2013 – Be careful what you wish for, you have to live with it
– Signs of Struggle: Backbenchers’ wishlist
– andyxianwong: A few questions on the Singapore budget 2013
– Arra’s World: Numbers 2013 Downloaded [Thanks Suyin]
– Reflections on Change: Car Loan Restrictions — Protecting Whom?
– Where Bears Roam Free: Tharman not truthful about tax, twists stats to confuse
– TOC: Minimum Wage : Open letter to Mr Lim Swee Say


– Breakfast Network: Cut off a few heads
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: PAP listening to SDP?
– The Void Decker: HDB to allow singles into BTO balloting game
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Limpeh vs Lila: on the issue of British vs Singaporean housing
– Gerald Giam: Pricing of HDB flats

Daily Disclosure

– Riotous Assembly: On volunteering.
– Diary of a Singaporean Cabby: Irritating Taxi Surcharges.
– Leong Sze Hian: Malays: A statistical journey backwards in time?
– Everything Also Complain: Malays having less social capital than Chinese
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: WSJ – Wealth Over the Edge Singapore…
– SG Web Reviews: Singaporeans – Stupid or Smart?

Strangers in a Strange Land

– i.justrealized: Xenophobia in Singapore
– Spotlight on Singapore: Cap on foreign tenants in HDB estates: proof government out of touch NOT Singaporeans
– My Opinions: Difference Between Singaporean and Non-Citizen?
– TRE: Everyone is conveniently blaming the foreign influx…
– My Singapore News: Managing faked or unrecognised degrees

National Conversation #oursgconv

– SANses: FTWM: Livin’ and lovin’ it!
– Andrew Loh: National Conversation doesn’t wanna talk

Defending Our Lion City

– The Lycan Times 狼人時報: Random Discourse – Heather Chua
– Senang Diri: Personal thoughts on body amour

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