Daily SG: 14 Mar 2013

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Strangers in a Strange Land

– Riotous Assembly: Xenophobic? Me? I do beg your pardon!
– Yahoo: COMMENT: Xenophobia and the Jollibee backlash
– New Nation: S’poreans heed Gilbert Goh’s F&B boycott advice


– HdbTamer: Dec 2012 article. Seems like the Media helps fuelling the drive
– The Void Decker: Khaw’s conundrum in HDB housing
– Bluta Blog: SHiFT Exposes Need For a Shift in Attitude
– Housing Matters: Sleepless over possible HDB price reduction

Budget 2013

– IPSCommons: Pejorative Use Of ‘Welfare’ May Distort And Straitjacket Our Thinking
– TRE: HK’s inflation is not caused by its minimum wage system!

A Vote for Change

– Hobbes ha: A new (splinter) party alternative

National Conversation #oursgconv

– [FB] Cheow-Seng Ho: My Take: What It Means To Call Singapore Home.
– Breakfast Network: Long-term leadership

Defending Our Lion City

– Signs of Struggle: Strengthen NS by Respecting It

Mysterious Death of Shane Todd?

– [FB] Feng Zengkun: Shoddy work by The New York Times / US media on the Shane Todd case.
– TRE: Is S’pore GLC helping the Chinese military?

Daily Disclosure

– Alisa Writes: What does your race mean to you?
– SG Web Reviews: Money Talks with Spouse
– Darren Sim: Challenge Society’s Status Quo To Make A Difference – Lessons From Chinese Millionaire & Asia’s Top Philanthropist Chen Guangbiao (陳光標)
– Mr. Smith: Chen Guang Biao Visits Singapore.

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