Daily SG: 15 Mar 2013

Credit: Evacomics

Defending Our Lion City

– The Kent Ridge Common: The Population White Paper and The Rhetoric of Vulnerability
– TOC: The hard decision of army regular specialists

Budget 2013

– Signs of Struggle: Lead, Minister Heng, Lead
– Breakfast Network: Kindergarten in my backyard please
– Breakfast Network: A breakdown of what’s new with the COE
– Jeremy Chen: Dealing with the High Cost of Living: Wage Measures or Cost Measures
– Jentrified Citizen: Most Firms Surveyed Will Not Pass on Wage Subsidy

The Mysterious Death of Shane Todd?

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: So SPF didn’t pursue “every lead and examine the different angles thoroughly”?
– My Singapore News: Big brother wants to check our underwear
– SG Voize: Shane’s death – suicide or murder?

National Conversation #oursgconv

– MummyMOO: Confessions of a FTWM: Between choice and decision.

A Vote for Change

– Philolitics: Singaporeans Living a Life of A Dog

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