Daily SG: 18 Mar 2013

Defending Our Lion City

– Breakfast Network: Giving our boys in green their due
– Balderdash: How Arrogance and Militarism Endanger Singapore’s Security
– Blogging for Myself: Singapore’s Security
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Committee to Strengthen National Service: Enlisting Views From The Ground
– Where Bears Roam Free: SAF and their lackeys just can’t shake off the Malay Bogeyman Ghost

Budget 2013

– Ignorance is Curable: Singapore’s public transportation system is broken
– TRE: Why the COE System needs to change
– Life Sucks: Wither COE?


– Blurta Blog: Minister Khaw Tackles Affordability – What Are His Options?
– Singapore Notes: Sleepless In Singapore

The Mysterious Death of Shane Todd?

– Chemical Generation Singapore: The Todd Investigation

Strangers in a Strange Land

– Musings From the Lion City: A Step Too Far
– The Void Decker: Would you support a 100% Singaporean campaign?
– Top of the Word: Overpopulation in Singapore: Seriously Dangerous
– Breakfast Network: Hostage takers or bus drivers?
– SG VOIZE : Gilbert Goh – The Accidental Rebel

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– Salt * Wet * Fish: Supporting GLBT employees in the work environment

Daily Disclosure

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor : TOC rebooted?
– visakan veerasamy. : Why bother writing about Straits Times Fails?
– Food Fuels Me To Talk: Really, get real!

A Vote for Change

– Catherine Lim: The PAP And The People: Bread-And-Butter Concerns And Much More [Thanks Alan]
– Leong Sze Hian: “Govt will become more transparent”?

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