Daily SG: 3 Apr 2013

Credit: Cartoon Press

Daily Disclosure

– PoachedMag: Everyone Is a Racist Bastard
– Five Stars and a Moon: What is “heritage”?
– Empty Vessel: Attitude Determines Destiny

Sticker Lady – Samantha Lo

– Breakfast Network: Pro bono work and its probabilities

Defending Our Lion City

– Tribolum.com: Don’t Stop Believing

National Conversation #oursgconv

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Education In Singapore: Nothing Wrong With Tests
– A Singaporean says: April Fool’s joke? No!

The Mysterious Death of Shane Todd?

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Another gd reason why Todd’s parents are suspicious? And US pushy?

Population White Paper

– TRE: I was at Hong Lim Protest for our Singaporean children
– TRE: Hong Lim protest will only hurt foreign investment & SMEs


– Singapore Man of Leisure: Remember when CPF was 25/25%?
– Salt * Wet * Fish: GIC lost nearly $42 billion under Tony Tan, now he is our President

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way

– Publichouse: Straitjacket prosecutorial decision not the way to go

Educate Our Youth

– TOC: Building a Strong Civil Society in Singapore

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