Daily SG: 30 Apr 2013

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The White Paper & the ‘Singaporean Core’ (Gilbert Goh, Nizam Ismail Protest, Standupfor.SG Picnic)

– Breakfast Network: The “other” May Day event at Hong Lim Park
– Making Light of Things: Stand Up for Singapore
– Five Stars and a Moon: May Day, not mayhem
– Mr Miyagi: My Father And The Gangster Fella Lee Kuan Yew
– Breakfast Network: New twist to AMP Nizam’s tangle with the G
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Two cheers for Azmoon Ahmad for publicising 1 May rally
– Breakfast Network: Piling dirt on Nizam?
– Andrew Loh: Inconsistency?
– Where Bears Roam Free: More hogwash from AMP Chairman on the Nizam issue
– Nizam Ismail: Response to MCCY Letter – My Intentions being Misperceived

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way (Leslie Chew)

– Haus of yuene: Demonising one’s opponents and the state of political cartoons in Singapore
– Musings From Singapore: Talking honestly about race

National Conversation #oursgconv

– The GingerBread Mum: My No-Collar Take on the Progressive Wage Model
– The Expository: NEA Breaking into Homes “Absolutely Abhorrent”
– Bluta Blog: Rising sea levels – is Singapore prepared?
– Anyhow Hantam: Some Forums and Blogs I follow.


– Breakfast Network: Not EC to see the equity
– Imperfect Economist: HDB price
– Prata Politics: Khaw Rocks Market and HDB Doesn’t Get It
– The Void Decker: The Great HDB Resale Flat Hunt – Part 1: The Search Begins
– Housing Matters: Revitalising Old Shops
– Money Smart: HDB Loses $1 Billion a Year, and Why You Shouldn’t Care

Internet Code of Conduct

– Yahoo: Alleged social media ‘advisory’ is a hoax: PAP MP

A Vote for Change

– Singapore Armchair Critic: Elections without democracy? Shifting political landscapes in Singapore and Malaysia
– The Heart Truths: Why Are Singaporeans’ Wages So Low?


– Publichouse: Silence over Sri Lanka’s killing fields

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