Daily SG: 14 May 2013

Credit: White-chans

– Blogging for Myself: Sian, AIM-gate
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Sylvia Lim drops the bombshell on AIM issue!
– Reflections on Change: TCMS — Standard Or Customised Software?
– Singapore Notes: Price Of A Patriot
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: AIM, Customer Service and PAP Politics
– Political Writings: Three Times Unlucky
– Breakfast Network: AIM: A political education for residents

Educate Our Youth
– Five Stars And a Moon: Open letter – Time to call off the paper chase?
– My Little Corner: More details on how teachers are being assessed

Strangers in Strangeland
– The Grand Moofti Speaks: Singapore’s future social mix and today’s immigration policies

Daily Disclosure
– Andrew Loh: Indranee’s curious claims
– Politico Singapore: The Real Reasons for Resigning from The Workers’Party

Defending Our Lion City
– Ray of Light: Commitment to defence – HELP NSmen with jobs- Raymond’s letter to the press

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor : Why gd GDP growth but “peanuts” pay increase

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