Daily SG: 20 May 2013

Credit: S’pore Says Political Cartoons

Uniquely Singapore

– Wild Shores of Singapore: 23-28 May: Traditional Wayang at Pulau Ubin with free boat ride
– The Wacky Duo: Katong Park : Fort under the Park


– My Singapore News: Jeremy Chen – Nation Wide Town Council Management System
– Blogging for Myself: Technology to make govt more honest
– Thetwophilo’s Blog : We Need Real Political Leaders At The National Level
– Singapore Kopi Tok: The Town Council Finger Pointing
– Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: Town council AIM saga – political implications for opposition and government
– Ravi Philemon: AIM saga – MND’s failure to distinguish politics from policies
– TRE: Did the Chief of Government Communications help draft Dr Teo’s press statement?
– [Old Post] Little Stories: PAP Town Councils – What A Fiasco
– TOC: AIM debate in Parliament: (Round 4) – Revisiting conflicts of interest?

A Vote for Change (Malaysia)

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: How many more chances do the law-breaking M’sian FTs want?
– TheSribbler: Empathy and Order
– Sze Zeng: Singapore, Abdul Ghani Othman’s visitation, and Malaysians’ gathering
– Blogging for Myself: You must be joking Lim Kit Siang

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Sgpolitics.net: Lim Swee Say’s “voice of silent majority” tainted with partisan bias

GIC, Temasek State Funds Investments

– Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Using Funds “Wisely”?

Defending Our Lion City

– Senang Diri: Republic of Singapore Navy Formidable-class stealth frigates display upgraded capabilities at Navy Open House 2013
– A Singaporean In Australia: Defence Budget

National Conversation #oursgconv

– Vicki’s Writings: The Kindness of Singaporeans
– Where Bears Roam Free: Another anti-motherhood message from Aware for Mother’s Day
– Breakfast Network: When there are so many ministers talking down a diploma or degree
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Polytechnic Graduates: To Work Or Study, That Is The Question

Truth, Justice and the Singapore Way

– New Asia Republic: Taking the Men in Suits and Wigs to court
– Publichouse: AGC to be joined as party in blogger’s case involving stat board

Church Leaders Get Rich or Die Tryin

– [FB] Ronald Wong: DumDum Reports: Court Trial Weekly Summary

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