Daily SG: 3 Jun 2013

Uniquely Singapore

– Daniel Food Dairy: Time To Award Singapore Hawkers Their Own “Michelin Stars”
– The J Babies: Nanyang Old Coffee 南洋老咖啡

Internet Code of Conduct

– Breakfast Network: Calling out the MDA
– Breakfast Network: The world’s eye on… Singapore’s media scene
– The Lycan Times 狼人時報: Current Affairs – New licensing requirements imposed by the Media Development Authority
– Everything Also Complain: MDA CEO buying $10 million Corals condo
– Blogging for Myself: #FreeMyInternet
– visakan veerasamy. : MDA licensing inspires active citizenry… in protest against it
– My Little Corner: Problem is in the wordings… again
– [FB] The Independent – Singapore: Netizens told to put their money where their mouth is
– Jentrified Citizen: Why support the “Free My Internet” Movement Against Internet Censorship?
– Where Bears Roam Free: Horse manure from MAD, er I mean MDA and Yesmancob Ibrahim
– The Chromosome 17: #FreeMyInternet now, MDA!
– Better Off Ted: MDA’s SledgeHammer approach to the Internet
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Bloggers are Safe…For Now
– Rationality of Faith: On the Government’s “Censorship” of the Internet
– Gerald Giam: Internet regulation déjà vu
– Jeannette Chong Aruldoss: My thoughts on the new MDA licensing regime
– Sgpolitics.net: Is the PAP government going back to its old ways?
– DKSG: #FreeMyInternet – Movement against new licensing requirements for online media
– TRE: SG’s Public Spheres – Between Keyboard Warriors & V for Vendetta in Hong Lim Park
– TOC: Why support the “Free My Internet” Movement Against Internet Censorship?
– Publichouse: Reading “the right thing” under wrong circumstances
– If Only Singaporeans Stopped to Think: MDA: Bloggers not affected by new rules
– New Nation: PAP fails to come to Yaacob Ibrahim’s aid


– Singapore Kopitok: Cleaning Up Hawker Centres WP Style
– Singapore Hall of Shame: Impending Petition against WP Town Council by Market Stall-Holders

Defending OUR Lion City

– guanyinmiao’s musings: guanyinmiao At The Shangri-La Dialogue: What?!?
– yamizi: Singaporeans serving national service…sure…?
– Senang Diri: Ship without joy: The Republic of Singapore Navy target vessel Jolly Roger
– Money $mart: 5 Benefits that National Service Should Have (But Doesn’t)


– Insighs Health Associates: What can the ‘average citizen’ do?

National Conversation #oursgonv

– visakan veerasamy. : Ministerial Salaries
– Singapore Business Review: Here are 6 ugly facts about Singaporeans’ incomes [Thanks Adrian]
– Ryan Goh: Former ST editor Han Fook Kwang: CPF needs tweaks; I say that we need financial enlightenment.
– Yawning Bread: Who wants to be a hawker?

The White Paper & the ‘Singaporean Core’ (Gilbert Goh, Nizam Ismail Protest, Standupfor.SG Picnic)

– A Yummy Slice of Life: Caricaturing responses to the Population White Paper

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