Daily SG: 5 Jun 2013

Uniquely Singapore

– Riotous Assembly: Complain some more lah!

Internet Code of Conduct

– Breakfast Network: Licence scheme: Answers not very good leh
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Answering the PAP’s cock & bull about the “long term”
– Holly Jean: Crying Foul over MDA Licensing Framework for News Websites
– guanyinmiao’s musings: An Objective And Neutral Internet? (Hint: It Doesn’t Exist)
– Signs of Struggle: Like a good journalist should
– DKSG: What happen to the Media Literacy Council?
– New Asia Republic: Why MDA’s licensing rule can be a credibility own goal
– Blogging for Myself: MDA fiasco: MSM made to look its worst
– Reflections on Change: Do Singaporeans Believe What The Government Says?
– Ravi Philemon: How are existing regulations inadequate Yaacob?
– S M Ong: Singapore Internet regulation, 1996-style!
– The Kent Ridge Common: Internet freedom is vital to individual liberty
– Where Bears Roam Free: More horse manure from Yaacob Ibrahim
– Sgpolitics.net: #FreeMyInternet response to Dr Yaacob Ibrahim’s statements of 4 June 2013
– The Heart Truths: Singapore’s Very Own Voting Blackout! #FreeMyInternet Now!
– InSing: Commentary: Outcry over MDA’s ruling not just about censorship
– TRE: Laws already exists to regulate news websites
– TRE: The real reason behind the Internet Crackdown
– Asiaone: New rules ‘will make netizens more cynical’
– Wired.co.uk: Singapore’s websites must pay to mention Singapore, block LGBT content

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– [FB] Dr Derek da Cunha: Mandatory Voting – the bugbear of Singapore’s Opposition
– [FB] Teo Jun Jie: Discussing politics on Facebook

Defending Our Lion City

– New Nation: SAF soldiers salute hawker for giving them extra food

Our Low Wage Workers

– The New Age Parents: Better Pay For Low Wage Workers: Progressing One Step At A Time
– Yawning Bread: Town councils should write minimum wage into cleaning contracts

A New Ecosystem?

– BBC: Social media plays major role in Turkey protests [Thanks Adrian]
– The Economist: Citizen Journalism 2.0: A new ecosystem [Thanks Adrian]

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