Daily SG: 22 Aug 2013

Sketch: Parkablog

National Day Rally Speech

– The Independent, Singapore: PM rises to the occasion
– Breakfast Network: Gaming the education numbers
– Incy Wincy Spider: National Day Rally 2013: All for Singaporeans
– Dollars and Sense: A closer look at PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2013 figures

Where is God?

– Breakfast Network: Religious leaders in a bind
– Prata Politics: Pastors, Monks and Pie in Face
– Singapore Hall of Shame: Religious men corrupted by fame and wealth

We are Against Capital Punishment

– Mothership: Why let the perpetrator of a random killing escape the gallows?

Daily Disclosure

– TOC: Restoring the Singapore Law Society’s Power to Comment
– The Independent, Singapore: Car Utilisation Causes Congestion not Ownership

Uniquely Singapore

– Poached Mag: Good Morning Towels
– I Remember SG: (Re)exploring Singapore After 66 Years

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Yahoo! SG: Political analysts caution against reverting to all-SMC system

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