Daily SG: 26 Aug 2013

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National Conversation #oursgconv

– Yahoo! SG: Singaporeans split over gay, censorship, social support issues: OSC survey
– TOC: Yes, the Prime Minister must decide

Educate Our Youth

– Everything Also Complain: Parents taking courses to help their kids score in PSLE
– Singapore Aspirations: On making “Every School a Good School”
– Breakfast Network: What’s at the core of the youth corps?
– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: A Youth Corps That Does More


– Singapolitics: Dr Lam Pin Min: “Front-load healthcare premiums, but…”
– Where Bears Roam Free: ST editor Chua Mui Hoong’s airy-fairy take on Medishield Life
– Transitional Eternity: Medi-genies to tame our healthcare costs and 6.9 population

Singapore, a tax haven?

– Sgpolitics.net: Will the PAP raise GST again?
– The Heart Truths: How Are Taxes Built For The Rich In Singapore?
– New Nation: GST in S’pore to be subjected to GST

Adultery vs Wedlock

– [FB] Lawrence Khong (FCBC): Response to recent events
– Breakfast Network: The price of sin?

SMRT Foreign Bus Drivers Strike Protest Reported Sick Refused to work!

– Wall Street Journal: The Strike That Rattled Singapore: A WSJ Investigation

Daily Disclosure

– TOC: The judiciary and its checks and balances role
– The Independent, Singapore: Is Singapore on its way to building stronger safety nets?
– Poached Mag: Singapore: We Have Failed, Terribly
– The Independent, Singapore: Scholars and jobs – Time to spread the talent to SMEs and non-profit groups

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Yawning Bread: Having race requirements in elections is a form of racial politics
– Kirsten Han: It’s time to debate GRC system, consider alternatives
– Political Writings: The PM’s Speech: What’s Not To Like?
– Blogging for Myself: How should WP respond to the NDR?

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