Daily SG: 3 Oct 2013

Credit: My Sketchbook

Adultery Vs Wedlock

– Breakfast Network: A case of Lawrence vs Goliath?
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Lawrence Khong Planks On
– Covered in his blood: FCBC Judicial Review: Losing the basic building blocks of our society
– Singapore Notes: A Morality Tale
– Commonsense Thinking Blog: FCBC.Khong.Sacked Pregnant Staff.Labour Law

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– TOC: Singapore High Court Upholds Criminalization of Male Homosexuality
– Salt * Wet * Fish: Touched by Hitler’s Charity
– Five Stars and a Moon: Really gay or Labelled gay?

Integrity · Service · Excellence

– Yawning Bread: Brompton bikes, before the real story gets erased
– My Singapore News: When trust is an issue
– Zit Seng’s Superwall: Casinos and Integrity

Educate Our Youth

– Singapore Man of Leisure: Teaching versus Learning
– Mamamie’s Thots: Tuition Race

Transport Woes

– My Little Corner: Why are the peak periods not uniform across all public transport?
– Singapore 2B: Should you buy a car?


– Healthcare Perspectives From Singapore and Beyond: Transparency in Pricing Data

Strangers in a Strange Land

– Andrew Loh: “Fair consideration” – a govt pleads

Farewell Comrade

– Where Bears Roam Free: Chin Peng’s terror campaign lives on in minds of Nanyang idealists

Daily Disclosure

– Singapolitics: Enabling a more relaxed way of life
– The Independent, Singapore: Why doesn’t the govt get it?

A Vote for Change

– Anyhow Hantam: Remembering Singapore’s Lion of Democracy – J B Jeyaretnam (Part 1)
– Singapore Recalcitrant: A Contrasting Personality
– Chinaporean: Too much elitism? Maybe it’s time for the PAP ministers to be kicked out!

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