Daily SG: 21 Oct 2013

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Singaporeans First

– TOC: Fair employment: One big shakespearean play?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Labour: Is McDonalds getting desperate?
– Breakfast Network: Mad about ads
– My Singapore News: FCF is not just balancing of employer worker interests
– Singapore Life & Times: Wayang wayang
– Yawning Bread: A richer Singapore is one full of ghettoes populated with identity-hoppers
– Kirsten Han: Comment: Singapore, discrimination and ‘Singaporeans First’
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Easy to avoid “xenophobe” label
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Say ‘No’ to foreign influx of workers and THEIR FAMILIES
– Culture-Centered Approach: Foreigner!

Transport Woes

– Mr Brown: The infamous SMRT Bus 190
– DKSG: The squeaky wheel gets the grease
– Everything Also Complain: Passenger boarding SMRT bus 190 only after 13 tries
– New Nation: SMRT adds more bus service 190 trips, commuters board after 12 instead of 13 tries
– [FB] Hri Kumar: It’s Electrifying

Defending Our Lion City

– Reflections on Change: National Service Not For Permanent Residents
– My Memories Of Bringing Up My Only Child: Jason in National Service
– Benjamin Wong: Music finds no place in this System
– Chinaporean: Perspectives of a 20 year-old: Stop this bullshit or we will vote you out
– Ndru1: NS Man’s Search for Meaning (5 Ways Conscription is like a Concentration Camp)
– S M Ong: 5 things I wish I knew before doing national service

Educate Our Youth

– A Singaporean In Australia: Drop the Podium
– The Playful Parents: What’s Wrong With The World’s Best Education System?

Daily Disclosure

– Breakfast Network: The big thing in Parliament
– Andrew Loh: Stoking hatred and ill will
– SGbangla: Why we must always Grow

Uniquely Singapore

– Remember Singapore: The Last of the Street Barbers in Singapore

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