Daily SG: 13 Nov 2013

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We are Anonymous

– Yahoo! SG: James Raj, 35, charged for hacking Ang Mo Kio town council website, denied access to counsel
– TOC: The Messiah, the Crowd, and the State
– Breakfast Network: A pretty messed-up Messiah
– Tech In Asia: Dear journalists, stop spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt in Anonymous coverage
– My Singapore News: They got The Messiah!
– A Singaporean In Australia: Arrest of ‘The Messiah’ Raises more Questions than Answers
– HTTP Error 405 Method not allowed: Scapegoat or Messiah
– Mothership: PM Lee vowed to hunt down Anonymous on Nov. 6, S’pore had a suspect in custody on Nov. 4
– New Nation: S’poreans shocked The Messiah is balding

Life is Short, Have an Affair?

– Wall Street Journal: Singapore Ignites Passions With Ban of Infidelity Website
– The Independent, SG: All this fuss about Ashley Madison
– My Karma is Contraband: On State Nannying
– Noel Boyd: My Point of View: Ashley Madison Singapore Ban
– Today: Majority consensus or not, Ashley Madison ban justified

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Forever young: Hijab: Compulsion or choice?
– Gintai_昇泰: Hijab: Compulsion or choice?
– I on Singapore: Conflating Choice and Conscience: AWARE on the Hijab

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…

– Blogging for Myself: Multiple Lines of Assistance
– Singapore Notes: More On Affordability

Educate Our Youth

– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Push Against Cyber-Bullying Must Be Holistic


– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: DBS doing NS on HDB loans?

Uniquely Singapore

– The Long and Winding Road: Coloured corridors

Daily Disclosure

– Breakfast Network: Retaining the right to detain
– A L V I N O L O G Y: I am a Blogger, #WhereMyFreebies?
– Smithankyou: The Story of Janiqueel.com

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