Daily SG: 28 Nov 2013

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Nicole Seah Ho Say!

– TOC: Hatchet job by MSM on Nicole Seah
– The Independent, SG: Oh, Nicole
– Jeraldine’s Blog: Power, Politics and Popularity
– Singapore Hall of Shame: Nicole Seah threatens to sue, Asiaone’s balls shrink
– A Singaporean In Australia: Nicole Seah, The Failed Strategist
– Mothership: To sue or not to sue? What can Nicole Seah do?
– [FB] Tan Jee Say: A brave new world awaits Nicole. Carpe diem.

I Spy with my Little Eye

– Singapore Dino: Shedding light on MINDEF’s Security & Intelligence Division
– Reflections on Change: No Real Friends
– A Gen Y’s Challenge to survive on a little red dot: Malaysia asks Singapore Ambassador to come lim teh

Truth, Justice and the Singapore Way

– Yawning Bread: AGC versus me, the 2013 round
– Breakfast Network: It’s getting very hot in the BN kitchen

Alternative History

– Unravelling 1987: The Marxist Sojourn of Comrade Bala
– The Malaysian Insider: Family of Malaysian “slave” Siti Aishah reveals her story
– The Star: London slavery: Siti Aishah believed to have appeared in 1997 ITV News documentary

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– verkur | ache: Sorry

Educate Our Youth

– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: Thinking Questions, Tuition Questions and the Owl Questions

Daily Disclosure

– Daniel Food Diary: Twelve Cupcakes vs The Real Singapore – How Can You Be SURE Of The Truth?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Where S’porean traits produce world-class TLCs
– My Singapore News: The benefits of hindsight
– Sharing the Lion City: Disabled Workers Face Greater Difficulties in Job Searches

Uniquely Singapore

– Pok Pok and Away!: Discovering Singapore with Geraldene Lowe

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