Daily SG: 10 Dec 2013

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Little India Riots — 18 casualties

– Singapolitics: Learning the right lessons from the Little India riot
– Yawning Bread: Riot in Little India: spark and fuel
– TWC2: Frequently Asked Questions: Our views on the riot in Little India
– Air-conditioned Nation: Little India Riot
– Flâneurose: Riot in Little India – What could happen next: Considerations and Consequences
– Today: Let’s not riot online about a riot
– Preet Kaur: Two Different Fires: Little India Riots 2013
– Andrew Loh: Comment: Little India riot a matter of serious consequences
– verkur | ache: Little India Riots
– Derick W J Tan: Little India Riot – My Experience With Foreign Workers
– Bertha Harian: The big Little India clean-up
– Signs of Struggle: Little India booze ban as mindless as the riots
– Inspiration: Riot @ Race Course Road
– I on Singapore: “Us” and “Them”: Growing rift between Singaporeans and foreigners?
– Just Speaking My Mind: Condolences to the Deceased Foreign Worker
– Miyagi.sg: Countering The Crap About #LittleIndiaRiot
– Musings of a glutton: Little India Riot
– Food Fuels Me to Talk: That Little India hooh-ha…
– Chemical Generation: The Little India Riot
– Love, Dream, Imagine: #littleindiariot #bringbacksanity
– The Heart Truths: Statement: Working Towards Peace And Unity After Yesterday’s Riots
– The Heart Of The Matter: Riots in the Serangoon Road area in Singapore
– Singapore Affairs: Little India Riot Aftermath
– Wedoryn: Riot Time: Flipping FRCs like Prata
– Anyhow Hantam: Little India Riot: ‘Root and Branch’ Change is Needed in the Police
– Singapore Hall of Shame: Little India Riot: Like it never happened
– Me Llamo Yanshuang: No more riot free Singapore
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Riot in Little India: writing on the wall
– Thetwophilo’s Blog : When we mass import foreign workers from countries, we are also importing their societies’ mob behaviour and street culture and mentality into our midst?
– Remember Singapore: A Forgotten Past – Two Decades of Chaos
– New Nation: Complete ban on alcohol, food, water in Race Course Road this weekend

Regulating the Internet

– Breakfast Network: Kitchen closed
– Blogging for Myself: Breakfast Network: The canary died but only for now
– Kirsten Han: Comment: Can ruling PAP have its cake and eat it too?

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way (Leslie Chew)

– Political Writings: AA In Hot Soup

Alternative History

– Unravelling 1987: A Second Glance: United Front Were No Communists
– Wise Mental King: (In)security?

Daily Disclosure

– Shobha Vadrevu: Public spaces, selective solidarity and treacherous fault lines

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