Daily SG: 13 Dec 2013

Credit: Nini and Polah Cartoon

Little India Riots — 18 casualties

– The Kent Ridge Common: Rioting, Inequality and the State
– Blogging for Myself: Shanumgam visits FW dorm
– Reflections on Change: Riot’s Silver Lining
– Gurmit The Blog: After The Riot We Must Reflect On Our Clueless Selves
– If I May Speak: What Really Caused the Riot?
– Today: People, not alcohol, cause violence
– The Heart Truths: Riots and Wages in Singapore: Part 1
– I on Singapore: Little India Riots: Understanding the needs of foreign workers
– A Singaporean In Australia: Government Hinting that Singaporeans are to be Blamed for the Riot
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: Little India Riot: The 9/11 of Singapore?
– [FB] Breakfast Network: And in a dorm away from Little India…

Singapore’s modern slave trade low skilled foreign labour

– Popagandhi: Little India Urban Renewal Plan

Regulating the Internet

– TOC: Breakfast Network – latest victim of Government irrationality

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Why a 2015 GE is now more probable
– TOC: Stop asking the PAP to change

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