Daily SG: 16 Dec 2013

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Little India Riots — 18 casualties

– The Independent, SG: Questions COI should ask
– Poached Mag: The Little India Riots Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
– The Star: Big issues over riot in Little India
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: The Little India riot aftermath – let’s talk about solutions
– Chemical Generation: Post-Riot Apprehensions and Activism
– Exploring SocioPolitical Economic Issues In Singapore and the World: Possible Causes of Little India Riot: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Discussion
– Signs of Struggle: 928
– Transitional Eternity: Isolated incident again? Connecting the isolated incidents
– Better Off Ted: Continuous problems in Singapore are symptomatic of Leadership failure
– New Nation: Alcohol ban causes Little India to feel the same as every weekend
– [FB] Donald Low: Some reflections on the Little India riot

Singapore’s modern slave trade low skilled foreign labour

– SGbangla: Foreign workers are NOT Exploited!
– The Heart Truths: Foreign Workers Paid Only $2.25 an Hour!

Regulating the Internet

– Today: Post-riot discourse ‘shows online community capable of self-regulation’
– Bertha Harian: Personally speaking; No fund intended
– Wise Mental King: Breakfast’s closure and the fate of young writers
– Blogging for Myself: Bertha Henson: Safe to blog?
– DKSG: MDA banned The Breakfast Network from using Social Media sites
– Singapore Life & Times: I want curry
– mUmBRELLA: Come on, Singapore. If you’re going to make tough rules for blogs, enforce them properly
– The Temple Of Thoughts 3: I TOLD YOU THIS WILL HAPPEN
– Andyxianwong: Xenophobic MDA triggers Breakfast Network shutdown

Educate Our Youth

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Pisa’s defects as the benchmark of educational excellence

Uniquely Singapore

– Poskod.sg: The Chettiars of Market Street

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