Daily SG: 20 Dec 2013

Credit: My Sketchbook

Little India Riots — 18 casualties

– TOC: Costs over due process?
– Bertha Harian: A deportation report
– Reflections on Change: Riot Aftermath — Little India Recalibrated And Migrant Drinkers’ Coming Quandary
– DKSG: Little India Riot: Blame it on alcohol
– Rachel Zeng’s Blog: Fair trial for the 53 workers repatriated?
– Money $mart: Is The Little India Alcohol Ban Going to Cripple Businesses?

$2.50 Nasi Padang

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: What mrbrown can teach PAP MP Baey

Transport Woes

– My Singapore News: SMRT asking for fare hike
– New Nation: SBS Transit, SMRT happen to submit applications to raise fares at the same time

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– The Independent, SG: Dr Koh on his Punggol East defeat
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: A Divided PAP under Democratic Socialism

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