Daily SG: 6 Feb 2014

Credit: Demon-cratic Singapore

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– Yahoo! SG: Petitions put spotlight on Health Promotion Board’s FAQ on sexuality
– Sparrows and Sandcastles: There is nothing wrong with HPB’s sexuality FAQ
– I on Singapore: Health Promotion Board on Homosexuality: Doublethinking beyond its area of expertise
– Lawrence Khong: HPB’s sexuality FAQs undermine family


– Singapore Notes: Paying For The Rest Of Our Lives
– Blogging for Myself: What about $$$ in Medishield Life?
– Likedatosocanmeh: NMP Gerald Giam should not accept Health Minister’s nonsensical reply

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: SMRT: Update
– My Little Corner: SMRT financial results and why we’re not happy

Educate Our Youth

– Literally Kidding: Education’s make or break factor, and how air-con fits in
– The Heart Truths: Top Schools In Singapore Receive Funding Cuts? Read Again

Daily Disclosure

– Incy Wincy Spider: Singapore Budget 2014 Wishlist for Parents
– Gintai_昇泰: Rampage at Elias Mall coffee shop
– Chubby Hubby: We need an articulated national vision for our F&B sector

A Vote for Change

– TOC: The rehashed lamentations of PAP’s Victor Lye
– My Singapore News: More than just a co driver
– Jess C Scott: Singapore’s Democracy – The Truth Behind The Myth

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