Daily SG: 7 Feb 2014

Credit: My Sketchbook

Singapore is just a little red dot

– Blogging for Myself: A frigate’s name: Lessons from Indonesia
– Reflections on Change: Civility in the Face of External Provocation?
– Everything Also Complain: Indonesia naming ship after MacDonald House bombers
– Loh and Behold: Gunboat Diplomacy Neanderthal Style
– Singapore Notes: Endangering Our Nation

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– One Writer’s World: HPB’s Sexuality FAQ – Needs Improvements
– Simple & gayforward: The Health Promotion Board’s FAQs on Sexuality
– Musings From the Lion City: Dammed If You So, Dammed If You Don’t
– Today: Govt should form agency to handle sexuality issues
– [FB] Akesh Abhilash: An Open Letter To Lawrence Khong of faith community baptist church

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– TOC: Taking back control of the Singapore Public Transport System

Educate Our Youth

– Another dot in the blogosphere?: If I could reshape CCE

Singaporeans, a dying breed

– Sgpolitics.net: Mind the Cracks

Defending Our Lion City

– NofearSingapore: National Service- Major review of this “Sacred Cow” is needed

Alternative History

– TOC: Historians question accuracy of CNA’s historical documentary

Daily Disclosure

– Jeraldine’s Blog (彭嘉琳): Why we published our letter on The Real Singapore
– Gintai_昇泰: Confession of a new Taxi Driver
– [FB] Hri Kumar: A Cure for Anton Casey

A Vote for Change

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: What PM should say this Sunday?
– The Independent, SG: PAP’s good old politics

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