Daily SG: 7 Mar 2014

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Singapore, the Most Expensive City in the World

– The Wall Street Journal: What You Said: City Costs Provoke Impassioned Response
– A Singaporean In Australia: I’m Not Saying that Tharman was Lying
– My Singapore News: World’s most expensive and cheapest cities- Trading place
– Musings From the Lion City: Singapore; World’s Costliest City
– Kevin Chia: I would love to smoke that when we are living in the most expensive city in the world
– Vicky Grueber: Dear Singapore

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– TOC: Tolerance beyond one’s faith
– ST Forum: Sending wrong signal on tolerance
– I on Singapore: The Dr Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied Saga: Are some people “more equal” than others?
– Singapore Notes: Crisis Averted
– New Nation: NUS ranked 21st position in world after NUS professor makes lesbian = cancer comment

Municipal Issues

– The Independent, SG: Aljunied affair: We poll 100 people
– Today: S&CC increase necessary to address rising costs
– Likedatosocanmeh: S & CC hike – town council did not consider all factors
– The Heart Truths: Increasing S&CC: How The PAP Took $126 Millions Away

Little India Riot

– Anyhow Hantam: Little India Riot: Tanglin Police Commander – You Suck!
– Mothership: Ultimate Little India Riot Committee of Inquiry cheat sheet: He Said, She Said

Welfare is a dirty word in Stingypore

– Five Stars and a Moon: Poverty in Singapore
– Mr. Miyagi: Incentives To Wean You Off Cheapsourcing

Daily Disclosure

– Jeraldine’s Blog (彭嘉琳): Four things you can do to improve the status of women
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: JBJ: cub & young adult yrs
– Cheated Singaporean: Ukraine crisis: Real Lessons for Singapore

Uniquely Singapore

– Sakura Haruka: Go Local :: Singapore’s Last Hot Spring @ Sembawang
– The Long and Winding Road: A sneak peek at i Light Marina Bay 2014
– Ghetto Singapore: Benjamin Sheares Bridge and A Changed World

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