Daily SG: 31 Mar 2014

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Educate Our Youth

– SALT: Is Singapore ready to support deaf students?
– All Singapore Stuff: Hard work and effort still key to success in Singapore
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Same Same, But Different?
– wise mental king: Youth Volunteer Corps: a powerhouse?

Our Friendly Neighbours

– Chemical Generation: Politicised Racism in Malaysia Persists

Uniquely Singapore

– AspirantSG: Sungei Road Thieves’ Market – Singapore’s Oldest Flea Market
– Mothership.sg: 5 no-nonsense places to eat in Orchard where you won’t find pretentious food bloggers
– Mr Brown: Singapore Memory Project: #10forkeeps
– J Babies Dad: Punggol Ranch – Gallop Stables
– Remember Singapore: Pasir Ris Red House… A Legend No More
– Yahoo! Singapore: 22 Incredible Before and After Pictures that Reveal the Transformation of Singapore
– Everything Also Complain: Lavender food heaven closing for development
– New Nation: Non-scholar civil servant exhausted, glad workweek with scholars finally over

Pioneer Generation Package

– TRE: Reader discloses difficulties in applying for CHAS

Daily Disclosure

– I On Singapore: Should borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders be criminalised?
– Ravi Philemon: An indication of wider social gaps
– Support Site for the Unemployed & Underemployed: 35-year-old ex-SAF regular finding it tough to adjust after seven years in the force and feeling like a minority
– five stars and a moon: Singaporean! Y U No Happy?
– Ryan Goh: Life through these eyes: Some thoughts on Savings and Retirement
– Blogging for Myself: The fear is beyond Geylang….

A Vote for Change

– TOC: Searching for stability in turbulent times – Noraini Yunus joins DPP

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